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Extra ordinary use for ordinary things

welcome to my Blog extraordinary use of ordinary things ordinary items explain ordinary items to describe yourself ordinary items list Most common everyday items common everyday items Save money and save time

welcome to my Blog extraordinary use of ordinary things ordinary items explain ordinary items to describe yourself ordinary items list Most common everyday items common everyday items Save money and save time

welcome to my Blog extraordinary use of ordinary things ordinary items explain ordinary items to describe yourself ordinary items list Most common everyday items common everyday items Save money and save time

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Monday, 27 July 2020


  Home magic fun       Monday, 27 July 2020

Curd is a boon for health: - Curd is more beneficial than milk है।. It is nutritious and beneficial for our health more than 😋 delicious it is. It is beneficial in heart diseases and stomach disorders like nectar. .
Sour sweet curd is as nutritious and nutritious as it is for our health, and it is also nutritious and beneficial for our health. The yogurt can be prepared easily at home today. Are, so the people there are always healthy and healthy. The intake of liquor increases the age. This is why rural people live longer than urban people. In the polluted environment of the city where everyone gets diseased. Today, it has become necessary for every person to consume at least one bowl of yogurt a day.

Yogurt is very beneficial for our health. Eating one bowl of curd daily keeps the digestion process right. Calcium, protein and vitamins are found in plenty in yogurt. Curd has been very important in our Indian culture since ancient times. Whether it is a marriage or the beginning of a task, curd is used on every auspicious occasion.
It is believed that if one is fed yogurt before performing any auspicious task then it gets success. Let us tell you that yogurt has many benefits. This not only makes our body health. It is also very beneficial in enhancing our beauty. And the special thing is that it is easy to get along with being cheap.                


You might be surprised to know this, but yogurt has many more benefits than milk. Curd has more calcium than milk. Apart from this, curd is also easily digested.

Eating yogurt daily helps digestion well and also helps in hunger. Therefore, people who have stomach problems such as indigestion, no appetite, etc., they should definitely consume yogurt. So today we tell you about the health benefits of yogurt.

Taking curd provides relief from diseases caused by stomach and intestines. The calcium present in yogurt makes bones, teeth and nails strong. Yogurt helps to increase our appetite and prevent diarrhea. Mixing celery in a glass of buttermilk made from curd provides relief in diseases like piles. Yogurt is also helpful in removing pimples on the face. There are many people whose digestion is not right, so using curd with food in this way improves digestion immediately. Doctors also advise people who have sleep disorders to eat curd. Eating this helps to sleep well. Yogurt also helps to remove sweat odor from the body. For this, you mix curd and gram flour and apply it on your body, then take a bath after a while, it removes the foul smell of the body.

Chemical ingredients present in yogurt: - According to Ayurveda, yogurt is an appetite enhancer, digestive, blood purifier, liver strong and constipation. By taking 100 grams of curd regularly, we get about 13.1 grams of protein, 3 grams of carbohydrates, 40 Millie fat, 1.5 milligrams calcium, 0.02 milligrams iron, 60 calories of heat and vitamin B complex and vitamin C, in addition to phosphorus, vitamin B2, vitamin B4, vitamin B12, zinc, potassium and iodine is.

Yogurt is formed by the raising of yeast in milk, which is made by an organic bacteria called Laketo bacillus casei. These bacteria convert milk sugar and lactose into lactus acid. This is the cause of lactic acid acid. The body is formed from 🍶 in which the lactate acidity develops artificially.

Curd more efficient than milk: - In fact, milk  contains a protein called kesin, mainly after water ंतु, but the protein called kesin in the form of एसिड converts it into lactic acid. Develops, which are helpful in keeping it alive for a long time and increasing immunity. By consuming 100 grams of yogurt, roses can reduce the cholesterol level in the body. It is also very helpful in reducing body fat. From

It has been proved that the extra fat of the body can be reduced to a great extent by taking yogurt daily in food calcium. While the calcium present in it is beneficial for bones, milkkamir containing yeast reduces the death rate of cells by 50-70%. It is also beneficial for patients with right arthritis and ulcers.


Scientific studies have shown that curd is consumed far more than milk.

The smoothness of milk increases cholesterol, due to which there is a lot of possibility of heart disease to the drinkers. Therefore, regular intake of curd is considered very beneficial for heart patients while the consumption of milk causes a variety of problems for heart patients by blocking the cholesterol cells leading to the heart.

Although the chemical components of milk and curd are almost the same, yet yogurt is better than milk due to its quick digestion and maintaining normal cholesterol levels in the body.

Do you know the benefits of eating curd everyday?

The disease also increases immunity by eating one teaspoon of yogurt every day for immunity. ...
Beneficial for teeth Yogurt is also very beneficial for teeth. ...
A large amount of calcium is found in yogurt, which is effective in weight loss. ...
Eating yogurt in reducing stress is directly related to brain. ...
For energy
Yogurt is used to avoid heat stroke. Curd should be drunk after sunstroke.

* Digestion increases by drinking curd and hunger is also good.

Due to cold and cough there is infection in the windpipe. Curd should be used to avoid this infection.

* This is a very good home recipe for mouth ulcers. If there are blisters in the mouth, the blisters are eliminated by rinse with curd.

* Consumption of curd can prevent the coronary artery disease in the heart. Cholesterol can be reduced in the body by regular intake of yogurt.

* Applying curd on the face makes the skin soft and improves the skin. If you massage your face with yogurt, it works like bleach. It is also used as a conditioner in hair.

* Curd should be rubbed after sunburn on the skin in summer, it benefits from sunburn and tan.

* Curd should be used to remove dryness of the skin. Applying curd on the face with olive oil and lemon juice ends face dryness.

Curd and buttermilk made from it are used in high quantity during the summer season. Because drinking buttermilk and lassi calms the stomach heat. By consuming yogurt daily, the body's ability to fight against diseases increases.

Beneficial for the heart - Nowadays the problem related to heart is not seen by age, nowadays due to food, this problem is faced at an early age. To avoid this, you should consume yogurt, eating yogurt everyday takes care of your heart. Curd reduces cholesterol and high blood pressure is also controlled.
Increase immunity - The bacteria present in curd increases the ability to fight the germs inside our body and small germs around. Eating curd causes quickness in the body and keeps many diseases away.
Strengthens bones - Curd contains calcium, which is very important for bone. This makes bones and teeth strong.
Strengthens the digestive system - Digestion is done properly by eating curd, troubles like constipation, gas, acidity are eliminated.
Cure ulcers - Curd protects the body from stomach ulcers and cancer.
Helpful in losing weight - Eating curd makes the stomach feel full for a long time, which reduces appetite. It is high in protein and calcium which helps in weight control. Curd also reduces calories. Yogurt removes excess fat from the body.
Beneficial for the skin - Curd brings glow to the face, tanning and facial dirt remove it. It also removes nail pimples, stains.
Mix gram flour, lemon juice in curd and apply it for 15 minutes in the face and garden. Doing this twice a week will clear the face.
Apply 1 teaspoon fresh yogurt on the face before bathing. Dryness and tanning will be removed.
Add orange peel powder and curd and apply on the face.
Add turmeric, curd and rose water and apply it on the face for 10 minutes.
Beneficial for hair - Curd is like a natural conditioner for hair, which gives moisture to the hair.


Thanks for reading Curd

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