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Extra ordinary use for ordinary things

welcome to my Blog extraordinary use of ordinary things ordinary items explain ordinary items to describe yourself ordinary items list Most common everyday items common everyday items Save money and save time

welcome to my Blog extraordinary use of ordinary things ordinary items explain ordinary items to describe yourself ordinary items list Most common everyday items common everyday items Save money and save time

welcome to my Blog extraordinary use of ordinary things ordinary items explain ordinary items to describe yourself ordinary items list Most common everyday items common everyday items Save money and save time

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Thursday, 23 July 2020


  Home magic fun       Thursday, 23 July 2020
                     Black Tea

It is best for good health and prevention from diseases: - After all, water is the second tea in terms of popularity and in almost every family, it is drunk and drunk but perhaps you do not know that black tea means black tea. Keeps healthy health.

Drinking black tea keeps the body weight under control as well as prevents many diseases. Although the method of making it is similar to that of normal tea, but the method is slightly different due to which it helps in reducing weight.


A cup of water, a teaspoon of tea leaves, sugar as per taste

First boil the water on medium flame, then add tea leaves and sugar as per taste. You can also use honey instead of sugar. If you are using honey, then after filtering the tea, add honey because if you add honey to the boiling water it will burst. If you do not add sugar, it will be more beneficial

Tea is not just a beverage, but it contains hidden secrets of health, especially black tea, Black-tea has been considered beneficial for health. Scientists have done many research on black tea. The conclusion of all these is that it not only instills energy in the body but also protects against many serious and fatal diseases.

  • Black tea one  containsan element called thianine due to which it gives mental peace by drinking it. If you get ๐Ÿ•’ one cup ☕ black tea during stress, then it goes away in a moment. This is a panacea for headache, the headache disappears as soon as you drink it.

Beneficial for the heart - Yes, black tea is very beneficial for your heart. Drinking a cup of black tea daily will help you to maintain heart health. The flavanoids present in it reduce LDL cholesterol. Apart from this, the use of black tea helps in keeping the heart arteries healthy and also helps in reducing the blood clotting process.

2 Cancer- By adding black tea to your diet daily, you can avoid cancer of prostate, ovarian and lung. The use of black tea helps to eliminate cancer cells in the body. It prevents the possibility of breast cancer in women as well as helps to protect against oral cancer.

3 For the brain - Drinking black tea is very useful to keep the cells of the brain healthy as well as to improve the blood flow in them. Consuming about 4 cups of black tea a day is helpful in reducing stress, it sharpens the mind, enhances your memory and makes you more alert and active than before.

4. Digestion - The tannin present in black tea is very beneficial for digestion. Apart from gas, it is also very beneficial in other digestive problems. Also, black tea is very beneficial in the condition of diarrhea or diarrhea.

5 Energy - One of the best benefits of drinking black tea every day is that by drinking it you feel more energy and also remain active. The caffeine present in black tea is more beneficial than coffee or cola and keeps your brain alert so that the energy flow in your body is constant.

6 Cholesterol - It lowers the level of cholesterol in your body, due to which your weight starts decreasing gradually. In addition, it has a very small amount of spread, which does not increase obesity. It is also helpful in increasing the metabolic process in the body, which helps in reducing weight.

7 Skin - Drinking black tea helps protect you from skin problems, especially infections. Apart from this, it protects your skin from wrinkles and the antioxidant element in it is also helpful in protecting you from skin cancer.

Black Tea
Black Tea

Prevention of infectious diseases from black tea: - Black ☕ tea increases its activity by keeping the brain active. เคฎें The amino acid present in tea increases brain activity and concentrates. Researches have found that drinking black tea increases our ability to understand learning.

 Black tea increases the body's immunity. This helps the immune system in the body to fight against infections. By this you can avoid the risk of serious diseases.

According to scientists, a cup of black tea kills the deadly bacteria, c-def. This bacteria causes thousands of deaths every year. Polyphenalus present in tea เคฒเคก़ fight this bacteria. Thus, it acts like an antibiotic.

Black-tea strengthens bones: - Fleanides present in black tea make bones of the body strong. Many researches have found that people who have been drinking black tea for 10 years. Minerals were found more in their bones than others.

Black tea contains fluoride, due to which the teeth are not only strong but remain from decay. Fluoride does not allow plaque to form in the teeth. It also prevents the formation of 4 holes in the teeth, it also destroys bacteria.

Black tea is a boon for the heart: - According to a long-term study in the National Institute of Public Health and Environment in the Netherlands, ☕ tea contains healthy antioxidants, which are especially beneficial for heart diseases. Black tea is hyper Total and LDL help in lowering cholesterol levels in people with cholesterol problems and reduce the risk of starch. Regular intake of it leads to smooth flow of blood in the arteries. Blood pressure is controlled and there is no such contraction in the blood vessels which proves dangerous. In this way, black tea reduces the risk of heart attack. In fact, the blood vessels get oxygen to the heart and when there is obstruction in the path of the muscles, the risk of heart attack increases. A review of 60 research papers was published in a Nutrition Bulletin in England recently, which assessed its association with black tea and prevention of heart diseases. It shows that people who drink three to six cups of tea every day, the risk of heart diseases is reduced by 30 to 54% as compared to those who do not drink tea or drink less tea.

The results of a study focused on the effect of black tea on hypertension, cerebrovascular and stroke by scientists of the Vivekananda Institute of Medical ๐Ÿ˜ท Science Kolkata showed that black tea ☕ drinkers were 1 to 8 percent more likely to have a heart attack. Tea can account for up to 38–77% of non-drinkers. This study, conducted for the first time on humans in India, suggests that drinking black tea regularly on a daily basis can prevent a stroke from occurring to a large extent.

According to a research by the American College of Cardiology, black tea ☕ is good for the heart. The flavanides present in it are anti-oxidant, protecting the cells from the heart and oxidation of tissues from damage.

Another research suggests that the consumption of tea control keeps the clotting process under control, which reduces the risk of heart attack. ๐Ÿต Tea is beneficial for the heart by increasing the density of anti-oxidants in the blood.

Black tea also protects the heart of women: - A study by UK dieticians found that drinking four cups of black tea ๐ŸŒ‡ in a day reduces the chances of heart attack in women. Drank 3-4 cups of tea everyday. The amount of atherosclerosis, a predominantly responsible element for heart disease, has also been found to be negligible in them.

The study has estimated that women who drank two ✌ cups ⛾ black tea ๐Ÿšบ daily were found to have less than 50% risk of severe atherosclerosis and the chances of women consuming more than 5 cups ☕ tea The British diet experts say that drinking 4 cups of black tea ๐ŸŒ‡ in a day reduces the risk of heart attack. Experts say that one cup of black tea daily can prevent heart disease . According to one study, the consumption of black tea improves the activation of blood vessels and reduces the blood pressure and stretch of the arteries, leading to better cardiovascular health.

Consumption of black tea blood decreases blood pressure and reduces the hardness of the arteries, which improves the elastic capacity of the blood vessels.

If you want to avoid diabetes, drink black tea: - Diabetes patients stay away from tea for 4 hours, but if a healthy person wants to avoid diabetes, then he should consume three  cups of black tea daily. This shocking result is revealed in a Dutch study. According to research and head of the British Tea Advisory Panel, Dr. Carrie Ruckston, a study conducted on 40000 people for 10 years showed that taking three ⚞ cups of black tea or coffee daily reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by 42%. is.

   This news can prove to be good for all those who, in several research throughout the day 4, have found in a research that three cups of black-tea drinkers during the day 4 reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Black tea protects us from cancer: - What is the effect on our DNA of what we eat, it has been learned during research that tea does not allow our DNA to malfunction. If there is a malfunction in the DNA, then there can be disturbances in our lives which can have serious consequences. Due to disturbances in the gene, cancer occurs because the cells that should die in such a condition are alive and the value of healthy cells But spread, the uncontrolled spread of bad cells is called cancer. According to research conducted at Britain's Heriot Watt University and the Institute of Food Research in Narbich, black tea anti  containsanti-oxidants that neutralize the effects of free oxygen molecules and eliminate the chances of cancer in the body.

Tea 4 contains polyphenal, anti-oxidants, which prevent the cancer cell from growing. In addition, in a study by Harvard University, tea has been described as a resistant drink.

Method of consuming black tea: - Regular intake of black tea is necessary to get accurate 6 benefits. Milk ๐Ÿถ, sugar mixed tea is not as effective. Black morning tea on empty stomach in the morning can also be harmful. Extremely bad of everything. This rule is also applicable for black tea เคนै।. In any case, do not drink more than 6 cups of tea in 6 ๐ŸŒ‡ in a day. You can add some drops of ๐Ÿ‹ lemon juice ☕ to black tea. Huh. In addition to the taste of tea, it will also benefit vitamin C

Black tea is rich in anti-oxidants, which helps to boost immunity. ...

It is also helpful in preventing cancer. Drinking flat tea greatly reduces the risk of cancer. ...
For diseases related to heart ...
Help to reduce the signs of aging ...
Helpful in removing perspiration

            Health be happy


Thanks for reading Black-Tea

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